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February 24th 2024

Genesis vs Extensioniste by Kérastase: Unveiling the Perfection for Your Hair

The hair care ranges Genesis and Extensioniste by Kérastase are valuable allies for those seeking gorgeous hair. However, each range offers distinct features that cater to specific needs. In this article, we will delve into the differences and complementarities between Genesis and Extensioniste, while exploring the benefits of each product.

Extensioniste by Kérastase - Focused on Length Preservation and Growth Stimulation

The Extensioniste range is dedicated to preserving length and stimulating hair growth. The products in this line promote hair resilience, prevent split ends, and encourage healthy growth. The Extensioniste lineup, including the Bain, Fondant, Serum, and Thermal Care, works synergistically to create a comprehensive hair care routine.

Extensioniste Products:

  1. Bain Extensioniste: Gently cleanses and strengthens hair to promote growth.
  2. Fondant Extensioniste: Detangles and reinforces fine to medium hair, leaving it supple and strong.
  3. Mask Extensioniste: Detangles and strengthens medium to thick hair, leaving it supple and strong.
  4. Serum Extensioniste: Stimulates hair growth while enhancing resilience.
  5. Thermal product Extensioniste: Protects hair from heat damage while promoting growth.

Genesis by Kérastase - Strengthening Lengths to Prevent Breakage-Induced Fall

Genesis, the innovative creation from Kérastase, is dedicated to fortifying the lengths of your hair to prevent fall caused by breakage. This specialized range addresses concerns related to hair breakage and fall, offering a holistic solution for resilient and healthy hair.

Genesis Products:

1. Bain Genesis: A gentle yet effective cleanser that fortifies the hair, promoting growth while addressing hair fall. There are two different variants: one for fine hair and another for thick hair.

2. Fondant Genesis: Specifically formulated to detangle and reinforce fine to medium hair, leaving it supple and resistant.

3. Mask Genesis: A nourishing treatment that untangles and strengthens medium to thick hair, ensuring flexibility and strength.

4. Serum Genesis: This powerful serum not only stimulates hair growth but also enhances overall hair resilience.

5. Thermal product Genesis: Shields your hair from heat damage while actively promoting growth.

6. Ampoule Treatment Genesis: The most intense treatment to strengthen hair prone to breakage and fall. Recommended to be done twice a year.

The Genesis range offers a complete regimen designed to combat hair fall and nourish the root of hair vitality. Each product complements the other, creating a holistic approach to hair care. Explore the perfection of Genesis, where science meets beauty for healthier and more resilient hair.

In summary

While Genesis and Extensioniste cater to different hair needs, they can be complementary in a well-rounded hair care routine. For instance, individuals dealing with both hair fall and desiring longer locks may choose to integrate products from both ranges.

In the Genesis vs Extensioniste debate, the winner ultimately depends on your specific hair goals. Whether you're seeking to combat hair fall with Genesis or aiming for longer, stronger hair with Extensioniste, Kérastase has a solution for you. Embrace the perfection for your hair, and let each product bring out the best in your tresses. Discover the power of Kérastase, where beauty meets science in a harmonious blend.